Owner of Moraine Vista Counseling, LLC

Laurie Shawger, MS, LPC-IT, NCC
Practices in Menomonee Falls and Menomonee Falls High School

Feeling blue, exhausted and overwhelmed?

Feeling lonely, distant, or cut off from others?

Feeling constant fear or dread? Or completely numb?

Having frequent outbursts of strong feelings about inconsequential things?

Welcome to counseling, where clients are supported in their concerns and companioned in their path towards resilience. Counseling is a wellness-oriented therapeutic process which promotes clients’ strengths and positive self-direction for personal and relational growth.

Ms. Shawger is a person-centered integrative counselor. Her approach is trauma-informed and utilizes evidence-based practices. The therapeutic aspects of her work include cultivating intentionality and self-compassion. Ms. Shawger works with youth and adults experiencing depression and anxiety as well as other lifespan and relationship issues.

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Phone: (262) 251-1112 x738
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