Telehealth Online Counseling

You can order your groceries online. Watch a live feed of your kids’ sporting events. Host a family reunion from a hundred miles away. And of course, work from home. The past two years have created unprecedented changes in how we meet, work, interact, and receive services – your mental health care included.

Telehealth, which is techno-jargon for phone/video psychotherapy sessions, maximizes the strengths of current technology and channels its use for your convenience.

Telehealth therapy appointments provide you with:

  • Access to experienced professional counselors regardless of where you live
  • Psychotherapy sessions from the privacy of your home or office
  • Extra layers of health accommodations: no need to sit in a waiting room with other people
  • Efficient use of your time: no commute to/from an office
  • Fewer complications: no need to find a babysitter

Telehealth counseling is private. Secure, easy-to-use programs use HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software. It’s as easy as following an emailed link, logging in, and meeting your counselor on your laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. No special computer program or app required.

Telehealth therapy is portable. If your living room is suddenly crowded, you can take your appointment to your backyard, or your car – wherever you feel confident in your space and signal. Your virtual visit can even go on vacation or a business trip with you.

Telehealth psychotherapy is insurance-friendly. Most healthcare plans provide coverage for telehealth just like in-office therapy. Even if you think you don’t have coverage to see a telehealth counselor, or can’t afford payment, please give us a call. Insurance plans are continually adapting to developing technology demands and needs.

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