Addiction Counseling

“Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

–Mark Twain

With his classic wry humor and sharp insight, celebrated author Mark Twain hit us with that hard truth more than 100 years ago. Addiction recovery is often stuck in a cycle of use, abuse, recovery, then a trigger causes a relapse, followed by guilt, continued use and abuse, and another recovery attempt. Without addiction counseling and treatment, the cycle can continue.

Addiction Counseling

Identifying an addiction or a substance use disorder – in yourself or in someone you love – could look like a number of habits and behaviors:

  • Using a substance more often than necessary, or more of it at any one time
  • Unexplained changes in mood: more irritable, less engaged, more lethargic
  • Relying on chemicals to cope with stress or anxiety
  • Losing time to the substance: time spent using it, trying to find it, recovering from it
  • Feeling guilty about using the drug, medication, or alcohol
  • Unexplained financial difficulties, or loss of a job or relationship
  • Using the substance even after it’s caused problems in personal or professional relationships
  • Choosing the drug, med, or alcohol over other important activities, whether they were for fun or work or with friends and family
  • Developing a tolerance to the substance and needing more. Then more. Then more.
  • Repeated, unsuccessful efforts to cut back or stop using, or withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit

Addiction is a disease that changes the structure of your (or your loved one’s) brain. There could even be a genetic aspect to addictions. But there is a way off the relentlessly spinning wheel. With a personalized treatment plan with an addiction therapist who helps you identify triggers and offers your new responses to them, you can interrupt that cycle of addiction. You can learn how to prepare for emotional triggers with addictions therapy. Develop ideas for better, healthier responses and habits. Have a plan to stay sober with a really strong substance abuse counselor.

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