Pastoral & Religious Counseling

When you’ve lived a faith-based life, it feels only natural to seek out faith-based guidance for your mental health. Somewhere, you’re sure, is someone who excels at professional psychological methods balanced with a spiritual point of view. You’re looking for a pastoral counselor.

What sets pastoral counseling apart from other modes of therapy is the way faith, spirituality, and theology are incorporated. It’s a unique listening perspective that can help you find peace, forgiveness, and acceptance. Within the talk therapy that is the hallmark of psychotherapy, pastoral counselors may also use prayer, scripture study, and a validation of your religious beliefs to encourage healing and growth.

Pastoral counseling can be especially powerful when you or your family is struggling with situations that can exhaust your emotional and spiritual resources:

  • Grief over the loss of a loved one
  • Parent/teen conflict
  • End-of-life issues, or those related to chronic or terminal illness
  • Reintegration into community life after institutionalization or incarceration
  • Crises of faith or conflicts around spiritual beliefs

Perhaps you have concerns that secular counselors will not validate your religious beliefs, or you’re not comfortable in a formal counseling setting. A pastoral-trained professional will accompany you on your journey, and they’ll do so from a faith-based perspective with respect, reverence, and consideration.

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