Clinical Psychology Associates New Substance Abuse Counselor

I am pleased to announce the addition of one of the best substance abuse counselors in the area to our CPA team. Mrs. Jeanne Bascom, LCSW, SAC, has been most recently practicing at Horizon Health Care (formerly Aro Counseling Centers) for the past ten years and has joined Clinical Psychology Associates full-time in the beginning of December. Jeanne is unique because she is dually licensed both in mental health and substance abuse counseling. I had the privilege of working with Jeanne several years ago with a previous group, and I cannot say enough about her both professionally and personally. Not only does Jeanne work with substance abuse disorders, but she also treats gambling disorders and eating disorders. To read more about what Jeanne offers, please see her website profile here:

It has been several years since we had a Substance Abuse Counselor on staff, and we could not have asked for a better one to round out the services we provide.

Welcome to CPA Jeanne!

Paul Hamilton, PhD
Clinic Director