“How To Know a Person:  The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen” by David Brooks


I do not make New Year’s Resolutions.  They too often rely on impulsive wishes, and result in feeling inadequate when our goals are not perfectly met.  Instead, I focus continually on personal growth goals.  This book was the perfect start to my year, and one that I recommend to anyone who shares the same passion for growth.

Our deepest human need is to be genuinely seen and understood.  This is true of everyone, and it is the key to building stronger families, social networks, communities and societies.  Columnist, commentator, author and generally wise sage, David Brooks, has written a fascinating and essential guide that can help us heal relationships and grow together by truly getting to know one another.  The skills/techniques he outlines can build resilience and add joy and satisfaction to our lives.

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