My Emotions, a Journal for Teens

Joy Hartman, LCSW, Family Therapist
After a lot of hard work behind the scenes for the past several months, Clinical Psychology Associates is excited to announce that Joy Hartman has a new book coming out; My Emotions, A Journal for Teens. This journal will encourage teens to become masters at managing emotions, big and small, through an engaging mix of journal entries, mindfulness meditations, drawing prompts, and more. You can pre-order your copy here:

One of the most challenging aspects of raising a teenager is giving them the skills to manage the ups and downs of life! When faced with intense emotions of anger or sadness teens tend to withdrawal or even engage in unhealthy and dangerous behaviors because they simply don’t have the tools they need to handle those emotions. The teen years are filed with all kinds of complicated emotions! This journal simplifies the therapy process and helps teens better understand and ultimately better manage their emotions. This book can help your teen gain skills and tools to navigate their complicated, ever changing emotions! 

There are more tips and tricks like this all throughout My Emotions. If you find this helpful, take a moment to pre-order your copy on Amazon  

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