“Raising Critical Thinkers:  a parent’s guide to growing wise kids in the digital age” by Julie Bogart and Barbara Oakley


We are all assaulted by so much information, it becomes difficult to distill what has merit and what may not only be false, but potentially hazardous.  Imagine how daunting this process is for kids, whose brains are not fully developed, and who don’t “filter” as well as most adults.  This book is a valuable resource for parents (as well as grandparents, caretakers, teachers and others), as we help children wade through the wealth of information at their disposal.  The authors offer many creative ways of teaching critical thinking; a process that includes identifying biases and beliefs, examining what we read and hear, nurturing openness, enabling thoughtful reflection and promoting empathy.  While this book is directed toward helping children learn, it also offers important information and insight for adults, which can help up re-tool how we take in and process the glut of information that fills our world.

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