The Invisible Kingdom: Reimagining Chronic Illness,” by Meghan O’Rourke

How do you respond when you develop a devastating illness, but know you will never be able to present a “success story” (an account of triumphing over adversity and regaining your health)?  This is the challenge faced by people living with chronic illnesses.  Tens of millions of Americans live with chronic illnesses that are poorly understood, and often difficult to diagnose or treat, leading to a life of isolation and despair.  Our current medical system often fails these patients, who do not fit neatly into the model of “quick diagnosis, clear path toward a cure.”  If there is good news, it is that the tens of millions of people suffering from “Long COVID” have made it more difficult to ignore medical disorders that do not mesh with our existing disease rubric.  Research is being conducted that could help countless people find relief from everything from MS/CFS to a host of autoimmune disorders.  The author is a journalist, poet and teacher who used her own experience with chronic illness (that took years to diagnose) to offer wisdom and hope to others.

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