The therapists of CPA have branch offices located inside many of the schools in Menomonee Falls, Muskego, Franklin, and Oak Creek school districts.  Your child can be seen during the school day at a time that works for them.  Please see our listing of therapists below and the schools they are working in:


Oak Creek School District

CPA has branch offices inside of Oak Creek High School, West and East Middle Schools providing services to students 6th through 12th grade.

Menomonee Falls School District

CPA has branch offices in Menomonee Falls High School and North Middle School, providing services to children 6th through 12th grade.

Franklin School District

CPA has branch offices in the Franklin High School, Franklin Middle School, Country Dale Elementary and Pleasant View Elementary, providing services to children K through 12th grade.
If you have a child that attends school in one of these districts and you would like them to see one of our therapists at a branch office, please call or text intake at 262-975-0012.